viernes, 27 de febrero de 2009

Blackboard walls

These are a few examples of how can you be creative with your kitchen and other rooms around the house. I love the warmth that brings to the design and adds a very personal touch to it. 
Recipes, song lyrics, doodles, To Do lists and messages are some examples on how cool this could be. It's very easy and cheap to do as well. 
Other simple idea is to grab an old mirror frame, paint it and use it with the blackboard piece to accentuate it in a classical and hip way.

miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009

Style Icon: Zooey Deschanel

Definitely one of the greatest inspirations for my style, this classic and beautiful lady is a lover of tights (specially black) little dresses, thick bangs, 60's style, plus she has an awesome band "She & Him" that has stolen our hearts.

If you want a hint of her style I recommend:

*Get tons of pairs of tights, (black, navy blue, gray, cream, brown.. not flashy or very colored)
*In summer or warmer days, you can wear a pretty summer dress or skirt without tights and pair them with flat sandals/peep toes
*Dresses (think of 60's style dresses, peter pan collared, short, knee lenght)
*Ruffly Blouses
*High waisted skirts and shorts
*A nice pair of black or blue flats, very simple and classic heels (say no to crazy colors and styles)
*Cardigans and blazers (60's style coats with big buttons and A cut for winter)

What I wore today..

What I Wore Today
What I Wore Today - by anoraks para dos on

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009

2 beautiful lamps..

Love the different white shades, mix of materials and dreamy details, like the little cup of tea in the rabbit lamp and the bird in the other one..  Both are from designer, Mackenzie Childs.

martes, 17 de febrero de 2009

Turn a book into a picture/card holder

Take one old hardcover book. Fold the pages in half. Tuck in pictures, post cards, and whatever you want to put inside of it
Source: Sweet Paul

sábado, 7 de febrero de 2009

DIY Origami Cherry Blossoms

  • Origami paper--trimmed down to 1.5" squares--that is the same color on both sides. (Lokta paper was used in this tutorial.) The maker suggests starting out with 3" squares, just until you get the hang of the folding technique.
  • A bit of yellow or orange crepe paper, for the flowers' centers.
  • Curly willow branches.
  • Scotch Quick-Dry Tacky Adhesive.

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

A Private World

Beautiful pictures from Tim Walker, my favorite fashion photographer in the world.Taken out from Vogue Italia with models: Sunniva Stordahl and Alice Gibb

lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

Fashion Spreads Posts..

I'll be posting weekly 1 or 2 fashion posts that I like from different photographers and magazines around the world.. 
This is the first one and is from Numero Korean magazine from it's january issue of this year. 
Photographers: Sofía Sánchez and Mauro Mongiello


A hybrid of a sugar plum fairy princess and baroque opulence period princess.