viernes, 3 de abril de 2009

How To: DIY Cake Stand

I'm really sorry for the lack of posts.. I've been very busy (and lazy) with my life lately... I think this is an awesome post for a comeback :) everyone loves cake stands and in the blogging world, I've seen some obsessed as well...

You can go to vintage shops, flea markets and cheap stores to get your supplies, the
 combinations and ideas are endless.

You'll need:
-Vase, pedestal bowl, candlestick, etc. (look for a wide base and a flat top)
-Epoxy (recommended: Elmer’s epoxy cement)
-Craft sticks or Q-tips with the cotton removed from the ends
-Scrap cardboard or paper plate
-Paper towel or rag
-Nail polish remover
1. Clean and dry both dishes well. Find the center of the plate. Mark the spot if you need to. Mix the epoxy according to the package directions, then apply a thin coat to the top of your base using a craft stick. Don’t touch the epoxy with your bare hands.
2. Turn the base upside down, and place in the center of the bottom of the plate. Work quickly but carefully because the epoxy dries fast. While the glue is still tacky, remove any excess with a paper towel and nail polish remover.
3. Place a heavy book on top to hold the base down. Let dry overnight. These cake stands are not dishwasher safe, so gently wash them by hand.

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